We believe that food should be at its best at the point of service.

We aim to provide the products, solutions and support to help you achieve this.

apetito creates great tasting products with the right nutrition - it is central to everything we do.

Our customers include foodservice operators in hospitals and long term care facilities across Canada as well as the Meals on Wheels service. Whether for continued good health or for recovery, we help you follow the guidelines in Canada's Food Guide.

Our range is extensive, offering lots of menu choice including for special diets. We have a particular speciality in texture modified products, so take a look at the Products section for more information.

apetito meals and soupOur products are frozen for freshness and convenience, but to help you prepare them so that they are at their best at the point of service, we also offer innovative solutions.

Take a look at the market that interests you to find out exactly how apetito can assist you, then contact one of our Account Managers for more information.