Products with the right nutrition, prepared with taste

We aim to develop an offer that meets the specific needs of each customer and to do so using the most advanced and flexible range of product, system and service solutions.

Our comprehensive product range offers numerous solutions for your menu, including many for special diets including texture modified.

We supply in bulk and portioned formats to give you the flexibility you need for your particular foodservice solution. Our complete meals are ideal for community meals or for special diet needs, while our Multi-Portion selection is suited to congregate dining.

For healthcare foodservice, the apetito MultiFlex On-Demand meals system is ideal for room service, dial for dining and spoken menu applications.

A particular speciality lies in our texture modified range of meats, casseroles and vegetables, supplemented with pureed breads, sandwiches and desserts.

For a full product list and access to our nutritional database, access apetito nutridata.